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Real estate is a field where it pays to use the services of a professional. Real estate agents can save you time, get the most money for your property, and might also help with details you probably wouldn't consider. Deciding to let a reputable real estate agent sell your home is a wise decision.

The following information gives you tips on how to price your home, how to ready your home for sale, and how to find a buyer.

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Setting the Price

At best you can only guess what your house is worth. If you guess too high, you'll discourage many prospective buyers who will consider the property out of their reach. When you begin reducing the price, buyers may wonder what's wrong. On the other hand, if you guess too low, you'll sacrifice money you should have had, and a "bargain" price may even seem suspicious to cautious prospects.

Real estate agents have up-to-the-minute information about the market. They know what properties in your area are selling for. They also can point out other features that add value to your property, such as favorable location, convenient transportation or popular architectural design. They can help you to quickly arrive at your best asking price.

Locating Buyers

There's more to finding buyers than putting a "For Sale" sign on your lawn. And a "For Sale by Owner" sign has serious drawbacks. Prospects and curiosity seekers alike can ring your doorbell at all hours without regard to your convenience. And they'll expect you to answer difficult questions about financing, settlement, etc.


The buyer usually offers less than you're asking. At this stage of the sale, your broker knows how to bargain easily and effectively, and is experienced at making counter offers and discussing price, amount of cash, date of delivery of the deed, amount of mortgage and other important business matters. Simply stated, real estate brokers make sure the sale proceeds smoothly and quickly, at the best price.

How You Can Help Your Broker

While a real estate broker can provide invaluable services to you in selling your home, it's up to you to cooperate with your broker's sales efforts by making sure your house looks its best.