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Ryan Ostler - Escrow Officer

Ryan Ostler

Office Address

Years at Title West:

Since 2002

Favorite Book:

Coming Soon

Ryan was born in Mt Pleasant, Utah. He grew up on a small ranch in Birdseye, Utah, where he developed a very strong work ethic working side by side with his grandfather. After graduating from Spanish Fork High School he studied business and finance at Utah Valley State College.

After an international adventure in Chile, he returned home engaged to a Spanish beauty from Calama Chile. After working through the immigration process for several months, Ryan married Marlene Lorena Bugueño Rios in November 2005 and is currently awaiting their first child.

In his spare time Ryan enjoys anything outdoors. He is currently trying to develop a talent of fly-fishing, which has proven to be challenging.

Ryan joined Title West in March 2002 working in the title plant for 2 years. He worked as an escrow assistant for 2 years before getting his escrow license. Ryan has developed a sincere passion for the escrow process and loves working with people.


  • Licensed Escrow Officer (State of Utah)
Escrow Assistant
Bridget Gardner