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Kenneth Roberts - Marketing Representative

Kenneth Roberts

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BS in Wildlife Biology from BYU

Years at Title West:

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Kenneth was born the last of seven children and grew up in Riverton, Utah. It was in Riverton that Kenneth started his successful career in basketball. He was a starter in basketball with BYU and has spent the last eight years pursuing professional baketball career overseas. He has lived in six countries on three separate continents.

Kenneth and his wife, Karen, have two children, Jacob and Sydney. Karen stays busy teaching and caring for their two lively and rambunctious children. Kenneth loves spending time with his family and enjoys all kinds of sports. The Roberts enjoy traveling and getting to know the history and culture of wherever they venture. Kenneth also enjoys birding, camping, mountain biking and wrestling with his children.


  • Member of Utah County Board of Realtors
  • Member of Salt Lake Board of Realtors